The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency According to Joe Visser

Whether you are a company looking to hire someone new, or a candidate looking for employment, it might be useful to use a staffing agency. As the President and CEO of WorkSteer, a staffing company with a focus on finding lasting careers for their candidates, Joe Visser knows the numerous benefits of working with an agency. He takes the time to outline some of the various advantages of seeking professional help.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Joe Visser defines staffing agencies as private agencies that provide candidates for any size of companies, as well as provide job offers and opportunities for potential employees and candidates. Based on the job description and criteria set by the company, they select various candidates through different postings, from advertisements, to jobs fairs, and social media. For candidates, they identify roles and positions that best match their skills and expertise.

Staffing Agencies Can Save You Time

Joe Visser explains that one of the greatest benefits of working with a staffing agency is that they save you time. With wide access to jobs for candidates, staffing agencies have a wide variety of choices that might not be found through a simple job search. In addition, staffing agencies are knowledgeable about the various trends and changes in the industry, and can provide candidates with all the information necessary to succeed. From a company perspective, expending hours and resources on finding the best candidate can be eliminated entirely. Unless you have someone on staff who manages the hiring process, it can be a major asset to have someone review hundreds of resumes, qualify candidates, and perform background checks.

They Have a High Level of Industry Expertise

Staffing agencies often have a level of expertise far beyond most employers’ human resource departments. With experience working with hundreds of individuals in dozens of industries, Joe Visser explains that a staffing agency provides you with access to expertise. As a business owner, you know your company better than anyone, but that does not necessarily mean you know the ins and outs of the hiring process. If you’re a beauty company looking for a graphic designer, you want an agency that know the ins-and-outs of the profession. On the other hand, if you are a candidate looking for employment, a staffing agency can give you key insights into what your resume is missing, and what jobs they think would be a good match with your experience. As industry professionals, staffing agencies should be seen as a resource worth tapping into.

Staffing agencies, above all else, have access to high quality candidates and connections to established companies and organizations. With a broad and expansive network, a staffing agency can either provide a candidate with opportunities that match their interests and qualifications, but also match employers with candidates that meet all of their hiring criteria. With access to a large pool or pre-screened and referenced candidates, companies only need to meet with candidates that have been carefully assessed and screened.